Restoring coral reefs

We are proud to stand with Great Barrier Reef Foundation during the most critical decade in history. Supporting independent science, on-ground projects and innovative technologies for the survival of our Reef.

Coral reefs are the beating heart of our oceans. They provide nurseries and food for a quarter of all marine life and sustain a billion people worldwide. The Great Barrier Reef is a unique ecosystem; home to thousands of species of marine life, including fish, whales, dolphins, and six of the world’s seven species of marine turtle.


  • Save endangered marine species
  • Find solutions to major threats impacting global reefs
  • Enable vital research to serve all oceans.


  • Offer complimentary partnerships and marketing to registered ocean conservation charities as part of our ongoing commitment to the Big Blue.

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Living structure on the planet

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Great Barrier Reef Foundation


  • Deploy 10 million heat tolerant corals annually across 100 priority reefs.
  • Empower frontline communities across the Pacific and beyond with Reef-saving strategies and technologies.
  • Plant heat tolerant corals across one-third of Pacific coral reefs, in partnership with local reef managers and communities.


  • Introduced Coral IVF on the Reef and have used it to grow and settle millions of baby corals since 2016.
  • Pioneered huge advances in coral restoration including heat-tolerant corals and cryopreservation technologies.
  • Established partnerships in Palau, New Caledonia and Belize to help make their reefs more resilient to climate change.

How You Can Help

Make a direct donation to help prevent the disappearance of healthy coral reefs in our lifetime

Protect reef wildlife sanctuaries

Restore reef habitats to save endangered green turtles

Grow and plant corals to rebuild damaged reefs

Fund innovative research into heat-tolerant corals