Welcome to the playground, we’ve been waiting for you!  You see, Freedive Adventures exists to create a unified underwater community, enabling depth-seeking travellers to find and book their next adventure anywhere in the world.

The idea was fuelled by a seaside coffee between friends and sparked by a desire to streamline Freediving for operators and travellers alike.  Say farewell to the Google trawling, email ping-pong and strange international transfers and fees.

We dedicated 2023 to building a sexy and seamless world-first booking platform by rallying a team from across the seas, dreaming big, and pushing all boundaries to custom-build this concept in the name of Freediving and Ocean Conservation. And now here you are! We cannot wait to see your adventures unfold!


  • Build globally, act locally
  • Full-frontal honesty
  • Integrity always
  • Anything for ocean conservation


  • Insanely epic adventures through seamless booking experiences
  • Industry elevation and growth
  • Do good



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Working together for a safe and sustainable future


Our Insurance Partner offering our Freedivers and Freediving Professionals comprehensive dive and travel insurance, worldwide. We’ll send you a 10% discount for your first policy upon booking.


We are proud to stand with Great Barrier Reef Foundation as our primary charity partner during the most critical decade in history.

Are you a registered charity working to protect our oceans? We want to work with you!


Filling your Bucket List

Freediving Central

Relax and enjoy learning new techniques and skills with an extraordinary team of Instructors. Whether you’re a beginner or continuing your aquatic journey, we’ll help you master the art of loving every moment of every dive.

“Freediving has been life changing for me; it’s the one thing that slows down my busy down. While diving, all you think about is what you’re doing in the ‘now’. You completely focus on the moment and it’s peaceful. My goal is to share this experience with everyone I dive with so that they can find their own joy in Freediving.” ~ Dan Parsons

Shark Guardian

Global Charity

Our objective is to advance the conservation of sharks and the natural environment through conservation, education, research projects and expeditions.

Shark Guardian is a Charity founded by professional divers, shark researchers and educators Brendon Sing and Elizabeth Ward-Sing.

Our campaigns and activities take place all over the world across the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Sol Babe Freediving

Sol Babe

Creating retreats for women as a safe space with small and intimate groups of humans sharing a love of the ocean. Every experience is curated to have a full spectrum immersion, combing salt and sol. Driven by my mission to empower women to embrace their authentic selves and live a life nourished by the sun and sea, Gabby pours her passion into every element of this brand, creating a community of sol-ful living. We serve and celebrate the radiant spirit within all, creating a space where solace meets sunshine and we live heart-forward.

Nikki Muscat

Nikki Muscat

Two-time Olympic Swimmer and Free-diving Instructor with an insatiable love for the Sea.  Nikki now passes on her joy for water through her Swimming Club and through teaching Free-diving. After being introduced to the world of Stunts in 2016, she has been involved in various international movie and advert productions. And she’s creating underwater retreats to share her adventures with the world.


Let us introduce you to the captivating wonder that only comes with freediving! From clear freshwater lakes to warm tropical oceans, Freediving offers something for everyone. We are a marine tourism business that runs programs on the Great Barrier Reef and at the volcanic crater lakes in the tropical rainforest.

We offer courses, training sessions and freediving liveaboards with epic photography. Come and dive in the world’s most diverse tropical land and seascapes.

Yoga. Arts. Movement. Adventure

Are you an open-minded, light-hearted lover of yoga, arts, movement, adventure, and travel? Do you want to live your best life? If your answer is YES! Then we warmly welcome you to the YAMA family, a gathering of abstract and arty souls who go wild in the wild. Immerse yourself in nature’s magic, unleash your creativity, and embrace authenticity. Unforgettable adventures in some of the world’s most exotic locations, inspiring workshops, and heartfelt connections await.

Eunoia Freediving

Eunoia Freediving

We take you on a journey of self discovery by using breath-work and the serenity of the underwater world to immerse you in a deep place of calm. Using the internationally recognised SSI freediving training system, we offer beginner and advanced freediving courses, weekly depth training sessions in Sydney, and international freediving retreats to some of the most pristine dive sites in the world. Instilling a love of the underwater world, Eunoia Freediving promotes the conservation of our oceans, aiming to improve this threatened ecosystem with every dive.

Apnea Center Freediving

Apnea Center

We’re not just about courses; this is a hub of holistic well-being. Delve into our breath training sessions that go beyond the aquatic realm. Learn relaxation techniques that will not only serve you underwater but will also become valuable tools in navigating the currents of everyday life.

Our seasoned instructors, passionate about the art of freediving, will guide you with precision and expertise, ensuring that you unlock your full potential in the water.


We’re motivated to infect you with the passion we feel for freediving.  With the right mixture of fun and play to make progress in your freediving journey.  We do this by listening and watching, tailoring to you, giving individual attention, taking the time to solve your problems. Fiji is famous for ‘Fiji Time’ and in addition to a tranquil training site with prime conditions coming to Fiji is in and by itself a soul soothing experience. No hustle, no bustle, just Fiji Time.

The Ama Project

Providing nature-based education, experiences and products that optimize your overall wellness. We support, encourage, and value everyone’s life journey for personal growth.  Fostering connection through safe spaces where everyone can feel valued, seen, and heard. Our dedication is to positive change, by helping and inspiring people to connect and build meaningful relationships with our natural environment.

Freediving UAE

Freediving UAE was the first and only company in the UAE specializing in courses and training in Freediving. We are a professional community with a passion for exploring and enjoying the underwater world, aiming to put the UAE on the international map by organizing a national team and running competitions locally. We feel that the UAE is a natural home of Freediving where pearls bought wealth to the region before oil.

“Freediving is the most liberating and calming way to explore the underwater world. We have all thought what it would be like to swim endlessly underwater on a single breath. Well, we can, to an extent by learning to freedive.”

Maria Zosa

Maria is known for her holistic approach to Freediving infused with yoga.

With multiple national records, Maria is a top-ranked Freediver in the The Philippines. She was the very first Molchanovs Instructor Trainer, the only Junior Freediving Instructor Trainer Developer, and the only competition Freediving Instructor in the country.
“I fell so in love with freediving that I promised myself that I will share the beauty of the sport with as many people as I can. And here I am, taking that leap of faith by putting myself out there. Sharing what I love and do best; teach both Freediving and Yoga.” ~ Maria

Dive Free Academy

We’re passionate about sharing our love for freediving with others. Our experienced instructors guarantee results and will guide you through every step of your journey. We provide tailored courses, coaching and training to ensure you meet all of your freediving goals. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Freediver, we’re here to help you explore the aquatic space like never before. 

Zen freediving

Zen Freediving

The first freediving school in Singapore to offer freediving courses in local waters; with plenty of local marine life to be discovered in our fair city state by those with the willingness to explore!

As freedivers, we believe in taking care of the ocean that brings us so much enjoyment and do our part by promoting sustainability and supporting marine conservation efforts.

Bora Bora Freediving and Yoga

Coming soon

Apnea Galapagos

Introducing the only Freediving team in the Galapagos! An international team of divers motivated to show you the wonders of Freediving; the purest, most sustainable way to experience the ocean and its vast marine life. Where every underwater experience should be unique, memorable, fun and relaxing.

“Every diver or student that visits us is trained to the highest possible standard and educated with superior customer service whilst being treated as a friend and a lifelong member of our family.”


We are Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines. We believe science, people and knowledge are key to protect the oceans and the species that call them home. Our team, who come from different backgrounds are united by a shared passion to ensure a secure and prosperous ocean for marine life and people.

Our mission is to protect marine megafauna in Southeast Asia by investing in local people, building ocean leaders, and providing science-based tools to support the sustainable management of marine resources, for the benefit of Filipino people.

Pacific Freedive Academy

Learn the art of Freediving, ocean connection and depth in a serene little island paradise that’s a slice of slow delight where you will magically lose touch with the bustle of the modern world.

“We are four passionate ocean lovers who were fortunate enough to turn our love for the sea into a unique and fulfilling lifestyle. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to call this island our home and the Academy our work, and we’re excited to share this piece of paradise with you.”

One Breath Deep

After chasing a childhood dream and quickly realizing it wasn’t the life she wanted, Dara found herself battling deep depression, chronic anxiety, and an overwhelming lack of purpose. Through learning to dive and becoming involved in marine conservation, she discovered the tools needed to remember who she is and why she’s here. Now she helps others release anxiety, build confidence, and step into their most authentic joy.

“The ocean has been an instrumental part of my healing journey so far, and this is why I founded One Breath Deep.” ~ Dara Isreal


Coming Soon

World Record:
FIM Deep
National Record:
CTW Deep

Depth Wish

Depth Wish takes your journey a step further by teaching advanced breathing and mindfulness techniques throughout your course in Florida Springs, where there’s no boats, no currents and perfect visibility all year long.
“Freediving is an experience unlike any other on the planet. Learning to freedive with Depth Wish isn’t about numbers.  It doesn’t matter how deep you can go or how long you can hold your breath.  It’s all about the moment.  The moment that everything blurs into one beautiful experience; you become one with the water, the universe, your body, and your mind.” ~ Tanner Pedersen


We specialise in 100% sustainable Ocean Experiences and Adventures for nature lovers. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to explore fun diving, or want to complete a PADI course, join us in Tenerife Canary Islands volcanic underwater landscapes. You’ll receive personalised individual support and education that provides the confidence, skill and knowledge you need to safely explore your aquatic potential.

Rica Freedivers

On a mission to bring awareness of the sport of Freediving, Rica Freedivers is helping people discover their inner power, focus, and potential. Creating a global family of Freedivers with well-rounded knowledge whilst establishing a broad community network and a national Freediving team in Costa Rica.

“I enjoy the self-discovery, discipline, and mental focus you learn as a Freediver and empowering my students to find the same.” ~ Brad Stephens